How do all the systems that enslave us get taken down? The Fed Reserve, the Greedy Corps, the Corrupt Political system, the Failed Courts and Justice System. The fact that when born YOU WERE SOLD AS A SLAVE. Watch the Water, change the Law that Governs The World!



EP 84 De classification drain the swamp, drip evidence break the narrative, break the MSM & Tech. It is obvious now, Trump has been showing us since before he was President. Patriots have used the Breitbart method, it works. Revealed spying, selling out country, nasty material on laptops, Pizza G, corruption and more, we have it all. We are watching a movie. This is insane.



Faith plays a big part in the battle. What or Who is the Storm really. Why name the Emergency orders for the 4 States plus DC. Military and FEMA dispatch, protect the citizens from what? 
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January 13, 2021

EP.82 Art of Comms

The Art of War Played, Declaration made! Emergency Orders for Storm issued by DJT. Storm Comms lines up with Satanic ritual calendar. Walking the Wall. It is happening all around the world! Jan 13 21=17 [21-3-1] Major communications, major proofs. You are watching a movie. News unlocks.


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January 12, 2021

EP.81 Panic in DC

What is really going on? How can you know? Military deployed, portable power at ready. There is Panic in DC. This is episode addresses many complex issues including what is the role of SPACEFORCE. Plus Jessie reveals 3000 died while world leaders bid on kids. KNOWINGLY. Subscribe See us on YouTube;

January 10, 2021

Ep.80 Ceremonies

Jessie Decode, big name drop reveals. Deep intel with some harsh material. We change gears and end with a real message of hope and prosperity. Be cautious, this show provides details of Luciferean ceremonies.  We also combine the political class, why? Tune in and find out.
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DANGER: Your dreams are ready to come true. Are you ready to receive? If you are not it could ruin you. This episode gives you the tools and motivation you need to get the most out of life and avoid catastrophe..

January 8, 2021

EP.79 Loose Ends Being Tied

Everything is being exposed. Final days. What was given to Pence in the handshake? Who gave it to him? What about the Illuminati signal to McConnel? Lindsey Graham is a [insert bad name here]. They think they have won. In fact they are done.

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The Government betrayed you, Pence betrayed you, the republicans betrayed you,  the courts have failed you. Biden is named President Elect.

The crime has been fully committed, what happens next?

Don't Worry, Be Happy

Mel Gibson Exposes Hollywood's P___ Satanic Cult. It's rampant and they are trying to normalize it to you and your family. To create a better world we must face some hard truths and expose them to the light. Warning! No swear words but not appropriate for children to listen.

2nd Interview with Illuminati survivor Jessie Czebotar. Jessie reveals the appearance of both Satan and the Lord. We cover the gruesome rituals, the training in the system and the Miracles that frustrate the Evil Cabal.

First Interview with Jessie Czebotar. Incredible story and your future depends on it.
Satan chose her to play a key role to usher in "his" End Times. 
Jessie was Saved by God at age 3 but still groomed in the Luciferian Cabal aka the Illuminati. 
She escaped and is now a whistle-blower. You will never see the world the same as before!

January 5, 2021

EP.77 Elijah Spirit

Immortals Series continues with a spin. How does the current state of affairs, The Matrix and Tom's script relate to the prophets of Baal? Tom is back and there is a truly amazing revelation near the end of the show. We discuss Hollywood, crimes against humanity/children, Lin Woods Bombs, Kappy's Key, Epstein and more. Plus Jeff gives Tom his revelation, how things will turn out for him and The Immortals. Does Jessie agree?

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The controlling elites have rigged the financial system, the criminal system and much more. They only wanted you as a slave. There is a worldwide alliance fighting back and nothing can stop what is coming. God Wins! Welcome to the Great Awakening! Content supplied by Joe M. Listen for more detail.

January 2, 2021

EP.76 Dowry for the Bride

Urgent Prophetic 2. Wealth of the wicked to the righteous. A new Sound is coming! The Luciferian Cabal will fall. The Last Harvest. 4 years of prosperity. Big league sports will not recover. People will fill the stadiums in awe of God. The Father released authority, starting NOW! End days, be ready, be bold, instant healing power given and more... See us on YouTube;

January 1, 2021

EP.75 The Roundhouse

What are kids shows and Tel-A-Vision placing into your sub-conscious. Rarely do you see a nuclear family, many times it is child abduction but in a fairy tale setting. We examine how shows are portraying real horrible truths by looking an example from The Netherlands. Never Never Land? 

December 31, 2020

EP.74 TRIAL Balloons

We are about to cross over the line to a new beautiful world. We expose the world as of New Years Eve 2020. Everything is upside down and backwards yet somehow it all makes sense. Some sensitive topics are covered, some laughs to be had and of course we end with a real positive message.

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December 29, 2020

EP.73 The Missing Link

He wrote The Immortals, his claim is that The Matrix movie was stolen from his script. Why is Tom the missing link? Why has he been forced to live out his screenplay as the main character? Who is it that opposes him, what is the motive? The Luciferian system, 3 letter agencies, corrupt legal system and who is Sofia? How does it end? Hint; God outwits Man.

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December 27, 2020

EP.72 Pagan SEX AKA Christmas

Pagan Sex Rituals become Christmas? A documentary is featured that does a deep dive on the roots of the holiday. I found this fascinating. Trust me, this will NOT ruin Christmas for you. This is a look back over many centuries and the winter solstice of Light turning to Darkness and sacrificing to draw spirits. Can God redeem it? God is sovereign and can do anything. Enjoy.

December 24, 2020

EP.71 The Third Trimester

Special Guest Matrix of Justice Tracy joins the program today to discuss her dream. A strong message for the season, a new birth. Plus we cover Trumps recent EO's, comms, signals and discuss the coming days. A strong message in this very special Christmas Eve Episode.

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December 22, 2020

EP.70 Burning Building

Who are "The Immortals"? Kids in cages, Adren0Chr0me, Cyberlink, Elon and 700club curses. All this and more on our Tuesday with Tom (pre-Christmas nice edition). Tom wrote the script for the Immortals [claims Matrix movie stolen from it]. We examine the parallels between the script, what is going on in the world today and Tom's life. It appears that Tom is starring in his own movie. Prophetic, the evidence is there. We close with a special message for Pat Robertson that you do not want to miss.

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December 20, 2020

EP.69 Battlefield Earth Realm

What is the end time strategy of the Illuminati? How have they mapped out the battlefield? Who are the players and what are their roles? We cover all of this in the 2nd half of the broadcast, the first section is silliness and news. How we are able to laugh when covering such dark material is a gift from God and the confidence in His victory.

The Illuminati material is rooted from this blog; . Thank you to @cathycathyfox.

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December 18, 2020

EP.68 Blackout Theory

Prophesy, Politics and Blackout ¸Theory is what this episode is about. This is time sensitive. We discuss further into the Urgent Prophetic. Is this about the election? Is martial law coming? How do you take down big pharma? Why now? How to plan? This episode sounds dark but we had a lot of fun taping it. Have a few laughs and get the latest Prophetic, political and blackout coming theories.

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December 17, 2020

EP.67 Music in Motion

Music Artists contribute to a song contest to benefit and raise awareness of SRA and other survivors in The Netherlands. The music is excellent, the songs promote faith, healing and inspire a great international conversation. Of course there are some laughs along the way. Who will win the contest? Chat with us live during this Premier Right on Radio Event called "Music in Motion The Netherlands".

December 15, 2020

EP.66 Interference

They say he is delusional. He has been called crazy. He has been called a certified genius and his work prophetic. If he is crazy, why does he want to go to court? Are 3 letter agencies really concerned with him? Tom is back as we continue to document his story and his script in question "The Immortals". In this episode there is interference and you will hear or see Tom's feed lock up. In most cases it resolves quickly and where it doesn't, we repeat. This is a very revealing interview Tom introduces more of his evidence and how he was recruited. We speculate why?

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December 14, 2020

EP.65 Urgent Prophetic

Watch or Listen Right Now,  only 14 minutes long. Kent Christmas December 13, 2020
God has a message for you. It is timely, uplifting and confirming everything we have been saying on this Podcast. Is it happening. You Decide for Yourself!

YouTube Link to Episode

December 11, 2020

EP.64 Trump vs. Demons

Demons, prophesy, the illuminati and what will bring the world together to defeat the cabal. In this episode we strive to answer the question of how the world unites, despite political, social or geographical differences. Hard topics are covered but as usual we approach with joy and positivity.

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   Communist China the perfect model for the Satanic Cabal? Canada's Military training the PLA against USA wishes [Top Secret Disclose]. US Armed Forces React, project forward. Aliens now in drip declass, what is next? Infiltration or invasion?

   Somehow even with such troubling subject matter Jessie and Jeff manage to laugh, have a good time conversation and spread joy. Join the Right on Radio Shepherds of the Sheeple Army.

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December 8, 2020

EP.62 Windows Jay Explodes

Tom A is back to discuss The Immortals. While recording there was an explosion in Tom's house. This episode goes way off script. Who is Jay Sek_low? Are we living in the Matrix? What has come true and what is manifesting now? Where did Windows come from? Then Tom takes a HUGE RISK and tells us what God looks like [never heard before]. Jessie and Jeff weigh in with thoughts and the result takes another twist. You do not want to miss this EXPLOSIVE interview. News, views, opinions and Interviews. We are your news now. Open up your mind, think for yourself and decide.
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December 4, 2020

EP.61 Cleverness

Never play Defence unless Planning Offense. A strategic plan is a clever use of resources or manoeuvres for outwitting the enemy! How does this relate to the current political Theater? How can this Transform your Life? What has been Planned and Executed in the Heaven to Manifest here in the Physical. A deep discussion and lesson to Achieve, Believe and Win.
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